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75th Araw ng Dabaw: Calendar of Activities 2012

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Come and join us as Davao City will celebrate its 75th anniversary of its formal inauguration as a chartered city way back in March 16,1936 by President Manuel L.Quezon. For 75 years, Araw ng Dabaw celebration still presents a colorful, lively, festive,unique and extremely enjoyable celebration - and its getting better, bigger and more fun than the previous celebrations.

With less than a month to go before one of the most anticipated celebration in the city of Davao, the city government (with the city tourism office) is doing all the efforts in preparation of all the activities that will highlight the 75th Araw ng Dabaw celebration. I'm sure a lot of people; be it foreigners, Filipinos from various places in the Philippines, and even my fellow DavaoeƱos are both curious and excited to know the calendar of activities inline with the celebration 75th Araw ng Dabaw. 

To ease you with your burden from searching, here are the calendar of activities for the 75th Araw ng Dabaw Celebration  released by The City Government of Davao.

Remember all these dates and enjoy one of the happiest celebration not only in Davao City, but in the entire archipelago. Definitely, "Davao, Life is Here".

Disclaimer: The author does not own the images used in this post. Credits goes to the local government of Davao city.

Smart Promo *767 SOS 4 Php Emergency Load

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Have you been in the situation where you need to send a very important text message someone ( to your parents, husband, wife, to your friends, or girlfriend/boyfriend), but your current network balance is nothing or zero? Add on to your misery, there's no loading station near you. What if this situation is an emergency (say a serious car accident at dawn) and you badly need to inform your parents about that accident?
 Sounds troublesome isn't it?But this would not be the case if you're SMART in choosing mobile network. 

Just in case you don't know, Smart Buddy allows its subscribers to borrow 3-free sms texts and 1 peso worth of call - a total credit of 4 php.This load is only valid within 24-hours from the time you borrowed the load. 

To avail of this emergency load, just dial *767 (or SOS) on your mobile phone, just wait the text message confirming your load request. Since it is considered a credit, you will also be deducted 4 pesos upon your next load. 

I have read some posts saying that this promo is only valid until November 16, 2010; but it is 2012 now and this promo is still active. It is important to remember however, that you can't avail this promo if you weren't able to pay your previous balance from borrowing emergency  load *767.

Watch TV Patrol Southern Mindanao (Replay) Online

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TV Patrol Southern Mindanao is a local news program aired by ABS-CBN in Davao City, as well as in other cities and provinces of Region IX and other nearby regions. The news programs usually airs around 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm Mondays through Fridays. Sad to say, majority of the Davaoenoes who needs to get the latest news and scoop of what's happening in Southern Mindanao are still working, still at school, or on their way home - they end up not be able to watch the news program. This normally happens from Mondays to Fridays.

Well, if your one of those who failed to watch TV Patrol Southern Mindanao, worry no more as your favorite local news program is now available online - through its official TV Patrol Southern Mindanao official Facebook Fanpage. The page posts the latest episode on the new program few hours after the program was aired on TV. First, you need to hit the Like button of the page to start interacting with everything found on the page.

Apart from watching the news, you can also post relevant concerns on the page in forms of video or picture of relevant things that are happening in davao in other parts of region XI - in short become a citizen journalist or as the program called them "Bayan Facebook Patrollers". You can even vote on online polls, post comments, and build-up a healthy discussions with other patrollers.

Visit TV Patrol Southern Mindanao Official Facebook Fanpage here.