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Subscribe to Smart Opera 15 for 1 Day Unli Surf

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Here's another great offer by Smart Communications to all their subscribers. This time it's not just unlimited call or unlimited texts, this time it's unlimited internet surfing using your phone's opera mini browser. You read it right, Smart offers Opera 15, it's newest unlimited internet surfing, which aims in giving its millions of subscribers the cheapest way to access their favorite websites and social media sites (especially Facebook and Twitter), anytime and anywhere. I'm sure you're very much excited on how to avail this offer, so here's how.

Access Codes
Unli Opera Mini 1 Day
Php 15.00
211 (Smart Prepaid, 
Smart Regular Postpaid, 
Talk N' Text, Infinity)
Unli Opera Mini 5 Days
Php 60.00
Unli Opera Mini 7 Days
Php 80.00
Unli Opera Mini 15 Days
Php 160.00
Unli Opera Mini 30 Days

Php 299.00
Now in terms of your phone's compatibility to this promo, here's what you need:

1. Opera Mini browser. For android smartphones, you can download Opera Mini browser in google play. For IOS in apps store and for feature phones, you may visit http://m.opera.com to download. This is a one time download only. Download is free for feature phone. For smartphones, it is recommended to download opera mini via wifi.

2. Make sure to download the latest version of Opera Mini browser, or at least Opera Mini version 7.1. Other versions are not applicable to this offer.

With Opera 15 unlisurf, you can now browse your favorite social media sites, anytime and anywhere using your phone. Now you can update your Facebook status, check your friend's status, upload pictures of the place you are into, tweet you delicious the food you're eating, read the latest news, check your emails, get the latest updates, scores and schedules of your favorite basketball teams, and so much more. These and more can be done anytime, anywhere with Opera 15. For more information about this offer, you may also visit Smart website. By the way, this offer is also applicable for TalkNText subscribers.

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